Social Impact

Sedition is the first feature film to structure its business as a for-profit social enterprise.

50% of Sedition’s Profits are pledged to the World Land Trust -a Nature Conservancy Fund– to purchase and preserve forest land & 20% is pledged to Pencils of Promise -a Rural Education Fund– to build schools and increase literacy rates.

This revolutionary approach to storytelling, business and activism enhances the reach and appeal of our captivating feature film. Research shows that 87% of Millennials purchase brands or products associated with a cause. To this effect, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise support and production funds.

This campaign is a call-out to Millennials, a showcase on how to use the power of their money through conscious consumption. Along with buying tickets, merchandise and being  entertained Sedition offers the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the world: one tree and one child at a time.

Film to inspire the next generation of change makers.

Aakaanksh Pothukutchi- CEO & Producer

The Direct Impact of our Film’s Campaign:


  1. Showcase the natural beauty of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges to promote and increase tourism and enviornmental awareness
  2. Purchase & preservation of forest land
  3. Fund rural education & provide employment to rural artisans