Conduct or speech
inciting people to rebel
against the authority,
against the system,
against the paradigm.

SEDITION is a 90-MINUTE ACTION ESPIONAGE THRILLER, a tale of courage, of loss, of redemption and of love.

A survivalist drama about an American Whistleblower (Paul McKenner) who risks his life and freedom in the pursuit of truth and justice.

Paul evades the CIA and a New Delhi Mafia Syndicate across Northern India’s Himalayan Ranges and seemingly insurmountable odds, towards China, where safety and asylum await him.

Pursuing him is Shiva, a wildly complex mafia henchman, running on the reveries of his dead wife. Shiva continues his beleaguered existence till an existential sacrifice bring him peace.

SEDITION is also the story of Rachel, a prominent investigative journalist whose fervent devotion to the Journalism Code of Ethics continually tests and ultimately defines her.